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Keeping Dungeon Tiles in Place

Wizards' brand of Dungeon Tiles are great game tools, but they have the annoying habit of sliding around the table, sending figures and dice flying. I've read suggestions to use putty or sticky tac on the backs to hold them in place. While this certainly works, I happened upon a nice solution by accident over the weekend - non-stick kitchen rubber mats.

We have this rubber mesh matting that is used to protect countertops or line drawers to protect the wood and keep things from sliding around.  I think I got it at Wal-Mart or Superstore, somewhere like that. They are inexpensive for a large surface, and you can cut it with scissors so you can fit it wherever you need.  Well, these mesh mats work great on tables to keep your tiles from unwanted sliding, and there's no risk of removing the surface of your tiles by sticking things to them. And when you're done, just roll up the matting and tuck it away (maybe next to your rolled-up battlemat).  Cheap and convenient.

After googling for pictures, I've learned that these mats are commonly called bar liners. Makes sense.


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