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Picking Your Dice Set

Choosing your dice is always an odd, superstitious tradition in D&D.  Some people prefer to have the full set fresh out of the tube, and keep it together through thick and thin.  Others mix and match depending on which dice "come through" for them during games.  Others will meticulously roll every available d20 numerous times, mentally tracking which show a pattern of high numbers and carefully calculating through trial and error which dice are "superior".  These people should probably take up careers performing complicated, repetitive statistical tests.  ;)

Personally, when I'm a player I prefer practicality over superstition. As a Shaman focusing on healing in our 4E campaign, I use primarily d6's, so I have four lustrous red d6's set aside.  The other dice I use are selected by color so I can determine their type instantly.  I find that when I have dice of all the same color, it's not as quick as when I have them color-coordinated.  And in 4E, things take long enough already without people studying their dice to make sure they've grabbed the right ones.

Some people would probably call that just as picky as the person methodically rolling the d20's, but regardless, picking your gaming dice is always fun and a very personal, individual habit.

(Just don't pick the speckled ones that you can't even read the numbers on - I hate those.)


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